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Welcome to Hi-Wood Helicopters

Since 1982 Hi-Wood Helicopters Ltd. has been a successful and reliable helicopter charter operator in Western Canada. With our fleet of four aircraft, we can provide our customers with quality equipment, sufficient crew and ground support and ar detail oriented to ensure a smooth and successful operation.

Hi-Woods pilots specialize in external sling operations and all have extensive flying time in the mountains. Our primary services include airborne surveys, seismic and drill operations and forest fire support. Our traditional service regions include northern and western Canada, and we have NAFTA approval to work in the United States.

Contact Us

Phone: 1-403-995-4124

Fax: 1-403-995-4162

Our fleet includes two AS350B2 Astars and two SA315B Lamas. These aircraft are proven at high altitudes to be economical and efficient within their operating parameters. We have the ability to obtain additional aircraft types if they are required for long term contracts within short notice.

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